Steel Fixer

Industry: Manufacturing Location: Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai Experience: Minimum 1 Year Salary: ₹ 32,000 pm - ₹ 35,000 pm
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Industry: Manufacturing, Construction
Post: Steel Fixer
Location: Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai
Experience: Prior experience in Steel Fixer
Salary: ₹ 32,000 pm – ₹ 35,000 pm


  • Education: Matriculation
  • Age: 40 Year (Maximum)

Principal Responsibilities

  • A steel Fixer will install and tie together the steel bars and mesh used to strengthen concrete during instruction
  • Setting out the work area, following engineering plans
  • Using hand and power tools to cut and bend bars or mesh
  • Tying reinforcement bars together with wire, clips or welds to build up sections
  • Fitting spacers and ‘chairs’ (supports)
  • Fixing the wooden form work and shuttering used to hold setting concrete in place
  • Fixing steel to concrete bases
  • Installing beams and pre-cast slabs
  • Read and interpret work drawings and specifications.
  • Prepare the work, for instance determine the required materials (quantity, size, etc.).
  • Cut and saw steel bars as detail requires.
  • Bend steel bars as detail requires.
  • Assemble steel bars or steel mesh, e.g. by welding or using a steel fixer’s pincer.
  • Hoist steel bars, steel mesh and reinforcements into place.
  • Connect columns, beams, footings and girders.
  • Position and fix reinforcements ready for concrete pour.
  • Prepare the concrete, mixing sand, cement and water.
  • Pour concrete in the concrete form.
  • Maintain a safe and clean environment
  • Physical fitness, strength and stamina
  • Manual and practical skills
  • The ability to follow instructions well
  • The ability to work at heights
  • To be able to work as part of a team
  • To be safety conscious

Food + accommodation + paid holidays + 2 way air ticket

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