Nurse Aids

Industry: Healthcare Location: Singapore, Dubai Experience: 1 Year Salary: ₹ 35,000 pm - ₹ 75,000 pm
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Industry: Healthcare
Post: Nurse Aids
Location: Singapore, Dubai
Experience: Prior experience in Nursing
Salary: ₹ 35,000 pm – ₹ 75,000 pm


  • Education: Professional certification in Nursing.
  • Age: 35 Year (Maximum)

Job Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Nursing, with detailed knowledge of the Healthcare Industry and, have relevant experience as a Nurse aids. Must have excellent communication. Meals & accommodation will be provided by the company.

Principal Responsibilities

  • Nurses’aides are the front line in the health care system, caring for the daily needs of the patients.
  • A nurse’s aide assist with the care of patients who are sick, injured or bedridden.
  • You might also help in setting up medical equipment such as x-ray machines
  • As a nurse’s aide, you may be the primary caregiver.
  • To assist patients with their normal day-to-day routines
  • Brushing their teeth to bathing and getting dressed
  • Patients who need assistance rely on the nurses’ aides to help them
  • Patients may need help turning in the bed if they had surgery or are unconscious to prevent bedsores
  • Patients comfort may be provided through a simple adjustment of the room temperature or by providing an extra blanket for warmth
  • Anything patients would normally require at home
  • Taking patient vital signs and collecting patient histories
  • Personal hygiene and bathing – combing hair and help with shaving
  • Changing bed clothes and gowns
  • Regularly turning patients to prevent bed sores
  • Helping with bathrooms needs – measuring and notating outputs
  • Assisting with mobility issues
  • Assisting with feeding/meal time
  • Setting up rooms for sterile procedures
  • Cleaning up after medical procedures

Food + accommodation + paid holidays + 2 way air ticket

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